Map Update, plus Controller note:


Region IDs have been used in RPGMaker for a long time now, but I hadn't bothered with using them (instead, preferring to do troops that appeared over an entire map, or using events/conditionals) until Chapter 2. In Chapter 2, I wanted some areas to have different enemy encounters, in addition to using conditionally bound events, so there are now dark twisted elves that will fight you depending on area (you're in Arcadia after all...) and more.

A note on controller support: I'm trying to get support for more advanced features of controllers (notably, vibration used on XBox controllers, and PS3 controller support), but it is requiring a lot more tweaking around and experimenting than I thought it would. I have the .dll files needed for these controllers (especially the PS3 one) already in place, but testing is taking a lot more time than I had initially bargained for.