How To Play.

By default, gameplay is via the keyboard. Default key scheme is as follows:

  • Directional keys (up/down/left/right): change direction, helps you move Alexandra diCourtne on the map.
  • Enter/Return: confirm key. This key also progresses dialogue and confirms choices.
  • ESC key: Party key (access to Party Menu, which you can save from as well, optimize equipment, and so on). When in dialogue, can act to cancel out conversation.
  • Q key: turns on the lantern, when you have the lantern key item.
  • F1 key: opens up a special menu where you can adjust flickering rate if this is becoming a problem, as well as put the game into fullscreen, or remap keys.

There is support for using WASD directional keys instead of the arrow keys. Controller/gamepad support with USB compatible controllers is currently being tested.

System Settings, found via the Party Menu, enables you to set color and contrast settings, dash, text speed, and to exit the game.