Our Commitments.

It's not just that a game is made, but how it is made.


Paying Artists.

Remember how memorable the music of the games of your youth were, even though they may have sounded tinny? A lot goes into those tracks. And while we are doing our best with the art we currently have, custom sprite art will become necessary from Chapter 2 onwards (due to bosses requiring special sprites in those sections). That's where donations come in: to be able to pay artists for more sound and visuals for the game, from music to art (illustrations as well as sprites) to an ending track by The Clockwork Dolls


Representation in game.

At least four major characters of Die Nachtblume - The Night Flower (and related) are LGBTQIA. For example, the main character, Alexandra diCourtne, is bisexual. One character, Silas, is of nonbinary gender. There are characters of differing races and heritages, from warriors to tavern landlords to messengers. There are different religions and outlooks in game as well. It makes a difference to see some representation in games; if the world of Nachtblume can have vampires and dragons, then there is no excuse.


Representation in development. 

We are a very tiny team, but between us and our group of 5 testers (with more in backup rotation), we seek out inclusion from the start. We are from different cultures, beliefs, genders, and walks of life.