Alexandra diCourtne

(Alessia, Lex)

The main protagonist and whose story you are following. 

Alexandra starts off the story as a pious daughter of the diCourtne family, wanting to help her kingdom in any way she can. She wants to do the right thing, and her heart is in the right place - but is quickly caught up in power struggles she doesn't initially understand.


An innkeeper's son, he grew up with dreams of becoming a knight and saving people in distress. Because he grew up in the village town near the diCourtne manor, he is a childhood friend of Alexandra.


Captain of the Wall Sentinels.

Farisha is trying to follow in the footsteps of her father, a renowned commander of the Sentinels, and by all accounts is doing right by her corps - while the number of Sentinels is dwindling, Farisha is committed to being the best leader she can be.

Fun fact: Alexandra admires Farisha due to Farisha's strong leadership and friendly demeanor.


A capable volunteer but still disliked within the Order of the Shadows. Her talent lies in her extensive traveling - she is knowledgeable about different languages and customs, and can learn quickly.

Seems to have an interest in Alexandra's past - and future.

There are villains as well, but you will meet them in good time... and who is to say that you do not become a villain yourself?